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 Superchargers for ship engines force compressed air into the engines to increase their output power, but also generate noise an unfortunate by-product. Alphatech has developed a silencer that effectively reduces this noise, and at the same time provides added value through improved supercharger performance and the efficient use of space. Our extensive lineup of proven silencers includes Square Transverse Intake Silencers for large ships, Round Peripheral Intake Silencers, and Round Transverse Silencers. Alphatech also offers environment-friendly products, including the world’s first recyclable silencer for small crafts.


▲ Standard Round Peripheral Intake Silencers


▲ Recyclable Round Peripheral Intake Silencers
▲ Low pressure loss, compact
Square Transverse Intake Silencers
  ▲ High-performance
Round Transverse Silencers
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